Sunday, 25 December 2011

Weekly Challenge 2 - Week of December 25 - 31

Merry Christmas Conquerors!

I have an especially fun challenge this week. I hope you kept up with last week's challenge, but if you are just joining us, or didn't do last week's challenge, check this page to see what you've been missing out on!

This week I would like you to treat yourself. Go out and buy a nice journal or decent-sized notebook. It should appeal to your tastes, and fashion. If you like the look of dark leather, buy a nice black journal. If you like things that are cute, check the school-supply area of a local stationery store (like Staples, or Wal-Mart, even) for the hottest, trending little books.

Then buy a special pen, in your favourite colour, if you can.

These will be your motivational tools. You will be starting your motivation and goal journal this week!

In the front cover, write this as a table of contents (or raw-format criteria):

Date, time

Three things I achieved today:

One thing I learned today:

That's it, that's all you have to write. Everyday this week I want you to fill out a portion of a page, or a whole page with at least three things you achieved, and one thing that you learned. If you have more, great! But you need to make it to at least three. In a previous post, I mentioned about how to motivate yourself and this was one of the ways. Looking back through pages of success does wonders for keeping your spirit high when you hit a roadblock in your goals.
Like I mentioned in "Staying Motivated When Discouraged", it doesn't matter if the things you did or learned are fairly typical tasks. What matters is that you did them and are accumulating a book of successes. Of course this journal can be used to do some major life-plans or whatever you want! But keep in mind that it can be helpful for achieving goals which may have long timelines.

The great thing about this is that it re-trains your mind to think about positive things when reflecting on your day as well as encourages you to explore your world further to learn new things. To make this especially effective, do it at night as part of your wind-down ritual, it will help you to relax (writing quietly in your favourite book) and re-focus your thoughts to positive and motivating things. Every few days, take a peek back at how you have been doing and adjust your goal timelines accordingly. This will help you keep track of tasks you may still need to complete or enlighten you to possible solutions for obstacles you may be facing currently or perhaps may encounter in the future on your development journey.

                                                           Conquer on!

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