Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The top 5 caffeine-free alternatives to coffee!

I trust you are all faring well on your journal projects! 
I received a very thoughtful gift for Christmas this year. It was a black, leathery-type, large journal with blank pages, with added silver celtic cross to the front, as well as a self-adhered locket-type addition on the side with a leather clasp and a key. It doesn't lock but that is okay. There is also a message inside. It's perfect because I recently finished my last journal, so I am well on my way in my new one!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite caffeine-free alternatives as caffeine can make people who are prone to anxiety or depression worse. It's worth a shot (of decaf espresso!) trying one of all of these alternatives to coffee! I am currently sipping a cup of #3 while writing to you!

This is the most obvious choice for many people who are avoiding caffeine for various reasons. It provides a similar flavor and is just as versatile as full-caffeinated coffee. If you find you’re not that sensitive to caffeine and wish to have a bit of that pick-me-up, try half-caf.
Warning: Caffeine-sensitive individuals may find that this alternative induces anxiety as there is a residual 3% of caffeine remaining [compare 2-3mg/8 ounces  in decaf with 104-192 mg/8ounces in full-caf].

I enjoy these caffeine-free alternatives the most as there is such variety to choose from and many brands as well. My favourite are cinnamon and clove mixes (excellent for the winter months) but I also enjoy fruit-combinations. The flavours range from mint, flowery, to sweet or spicy teas. Whatever suits your fancy. These can be found in most grocery stores (common brands include Stash, Celestial Seasonings, and Lipton).
Tip: To change it up, pour steeped tea over ice cubes for a refreshing cool treat in the summer. Sweeten as desired.

My ultimate favourite tea is Celestial Seasonings’ “Tension Tamer Tea”.

While a nice, tall mug of coffee in the morning sounds appealing, try exchanging it with a citrus-infused cup of hot water and honey. Lemon and lime have many health benefits and if you are looking to cut caffeine, or reduce it, this may just be your answer! Add honey to sweeten, if desired.
Tip: Try orange or grapefruit as well. Just squeeze some of the juices into a mug of hot water and your preferred sweetener.

I always loved a cup of Postum when I was little. It let me feel like I was an adult drinking coffee. The flavor is amiable. There are various brands of roasted grain beverages out there. You might have to do some searching for this one as herbal teas have taken over the caffeine-free beverage market.
Tip: You can add cream and/or sugar to this one as well.

This one is for those adventurous types out there! This is more like soup, really. If you heat up some V8 it’s like a sugar-free version of tomato-soup. I know, you’re thinking, “sugar-free”? As if it’s only vegetables in those cans of soup? No... It’s not. There is most definitely sugar in Heinz and other popular brands. If you look hard enough you can find expensive brands that are sugar-free. But why pay more, when you can buy V8 or a plain tomato juice that has no sugar.
Tip: As I mentioned, the very adventurous may be up for this one! Bonus: you get servings of vegetables! I actually really enjoy this as a canned-soup alternative, or juice alternative, even.

Get your caffeine-free drink on, Conquerors! 

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