Friday, 6 January 2012

Motivating and encouraging statements!

It’s been a long week here for me, and I have been feeling the strain of too much work, and not enough play! I hope you’ve all kept up with this week’s challenge. Don’t fret if you haven’t, but check out this page to see what you’ve been missing out on!

I’ve been dealing with the resurgence of rush-hour after work again as people return from holidays, going back to work and school... I find it pressing on my ability to stay excited about my projects at home when I think about how long it's going to take to get there after work...

So that put me in mind to write down some of the motivating thoughts that I incorporate to stay on top of my projects! These may be relevant and helpful to others if they are slipping into The Spiral.

I have little notes written to myself in various places – I have one that I see almost every morning, as a matter of fact, sitting in my bathroom on a piece of decorative wood. It stares at me, and forces me to read the words. Whether I believe it is irrelevant. Just that it’s there and the words are visible and it’s written in first person embeds it into my mind.

                                                         "Today is yours. Take it!"
It’s scribbled on a piece of yellow envelope.

That is one of a few things that I say/think to myself to keep me going for my goals!

Here is a list of a few others that you can write on a credit-card sized piece of paper and tuck into your wallet. Also, feel free (if permitted) to write little messages to yourself on your mirror, or window even! If you write on little sticky notes, tape them to surfaces you see regularly, like the side of your computer monitor, or spots near your desk at work.

Here are some positive thoughts and motivating ideas to start you off! Write down as many as you like, come up with more, and spread them around your life!

You are awesome, so start acting like it.
·         This might suck but I can do it! (I use this one a for things I might not necessarily want to be doing!)
o   This is important if you find it hard to keep going or you think you are alone in your coping. If it is the daily rigors of life and work that get you down, remember you definitely aren’t alone. It might suck, but you are DOING IT!
·         I am worth my time and effort!
·         This will not kill me; it hasn’t yet!
·         This thought is not reality, it is in my mind!
·         I can choose how I react to these thoughts; I am not at the mercy of my thoughts! (this is very important because it permits a feeling of control, and it’s true – you are in control of your reactions. This is a particularly empowering thought if you feel overwhelmed).
·         This might be scary but I can get through it.
·         Analysis is Paralysis. (this one is VERY important for people who tend to brood on things and situations)
·         Refocus: stay in the present and stay focused. Deal with things when they come.
·         Today is a new day.

·         Only you can heal your life.
·         I am still me.
·         I am allowed to feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t make me less of a person.  (If you find yourself wanting/needing to use this one often, it could be indicative that you may need to take stock of your life and see whether you have too many things on the go!)
·         Seek the opportunity in the situation, not the obstacle. (This will help you to refocus on potentially positive aspects of any situation. There can be obstacles wherever you look and if you focus on them, that’s all you will ever get – more obstacles. What you focus on tends to increase in your life. If you refocus onto the opportunities present, you will begin to see more positively.)
·         This will not be forever.

Please share any positive thoughts or motivating statements that you use or think could be useful! 

                                                          Conquer on!

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  1. We have an Encouragement Society page on Facebook if you'd like to join.

    I hope that it is okay that I copied your quotes to the page. Thanks!

    Phil Zirkelbach


  3. Hi Phil!
    I have joined the group on Facebook and will post my blog!