Saturday, 26 September 2015

Celebrate the Little Victories Along the Way

Typically we wait until a large job is done before we acknowledge our progress and congratulate our efforts.

I am proposing that instead we recognize the little victories on the road to the goal!

Nowhere has this approach to pause-and-reflect been more helpful than during my med school application process. It has been quite the mountain so far, and I am not yet on the other side.

The beginning of my journey would have been making the decision to take the MCAT and then getting materials in order to study. During that time I made yet another decision to take a preparation course in order to help me better understand the new MCAT format, as I did not take the previous version.

I am deep into the applications process as we speak, and thinking about how I will feel when they are all done and I am then awaiting the calls. But I can't jump to the end of the process yet, or the next few weeks will seem overwhelming. I am going to think of each successive completed application as a mini-victory and cheer myself to the finish line of "ALL DONE!"

You can do the same in your life whether your end-goal is a clean house, a fitter you or a new career. Every step counts and you must remember to celebrate your successes along the way to ensure you maintain positivity to reach your goal!

Conquer on!

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