Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Visualization - The tool that can make or break your motivation!

 Do me a favour right now. Close your eyes and vividly imagine all the obstacles and problems you might face on your path to your desired goal. Feel the frustration and sense of failure. You might even get to the point of feeling defeated.

Now, try closing your eyes and imagining encountering those same obstacles and facing them with strength and resilience, overcoming them and finding your way to your goal. Embrace the feeling of success and accomplishment. You might even start smiling.

Now tell me:

Which visualization renewed your motivation to continue on your path?

Which of the two exercises likely gave you the boost of confidence needed to power through the down times on the long road to your goals?

Visualization is an important tool for successfully tackling ambitions and goals in life. Athletes do it the night before (and sometimes right before) big races or games. A runner will feel their muscles tense as they see themselves sprinting towards the finish line, feel the tape taught across their midsection break free as they place first. They feel the joy of winning the race before they’ve even step foot onto the track.

The same applies for any goal or ambition you set to achieve. Want to finish your degree? The best motivation won’t come from imagining all the tired nights writing pages and pages of essays, it will come from imagining your pride at crossing the stage, or the job you are hoping to get once you've completed your studies. Imagining the other side can really help to pull you through the tough middle. The goal doesn’t have to be athletic or academic, it can be anything. If you want to buy a car, your motivation to work hard will come from imagining all the things you want to do with your car: go camping, have easier access to shopping or cities, see your friends more. Whatever your reasons, if you visualize them, they will help you over the hard parts.

If you’re on the long road, look back to see where you’ve come from, but don’t stress the middle, look to the end to find the motivation to pull you through the rough patches, and take one day at a time.

And keep Conquering!

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  1. This post really sparks introspection on the part of the reader - great job!!